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Bass, Pinstripe, Clear, 26" Diameter

No Reviews Yet Submit a Review UPC: 757242212639 Model Number: PS132600 Brand: Remo
Bass, Pinstripe, Clear, 26" Diameter
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Product Description

PINSTRIPE heads have remained as one of Remo's most popular drumheads since its 1973 introduction. The well-known and heavily recorded PINSTRIPE has a very focused low-pitched sound with moderate attack and response characteristics. PINSTRIPE’s quick decay makes them ideal heads for the "fat" sounds of rock and R&B. They’re also considered ideal for creating a deeper, controlled drum sound in studio and live situations. PINSTRIPE heads are made with two 7 mil plys with a measured layer of a ring-reducing agent applied between them at the outer edge of their trademark stripe. This internal muffling dampens the high frequency overtones for a warmer resonance. PINSTRIPE heads are available in the classic clear finish, as well as coated for an even warmer, more controlled sound. There’s also a PINSTRIPE with an EBONY finish. Clear PINSTRIPESClear PINSTRIPES have remained as one of the best selling drumheads since its 1973 introduction. A classic clear PINSTRIPE sound is an open, warm, resonant tone with plenty of attack. Some notable artists who rely on Clear PINSTRIPES include Lars Ulrich, Mike Portnoy, Gerald Heyward, Paul Leim, Julio Figueroa, and John Otto.

Product Features

  • 2-ply 7-mil Clear film
  • Ideal for Pop, R&B and Rock applications
  • Available in sizes 6" - 30"

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