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GIOCONDA tremolo

No Reviews Yet | Submit a Review UPC: 8053839780102 Model Number: Gioconda Brand: Dophix
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Product Description

Gioconda is the most iconic and enigmatic work of Leonardo. Our Tremolo effect is inspired by the veil of mystery in which La Gioconda is wrapped around.

Leonardo, for the first time, wanted to capture the soul of a subject, which is present but inaccessible. Gioconda appears elusive, ironic, sensual , from time to time loved and idoled but also mocked or assaulted.

The tremolo effect has an ambiguous and mysterious soul and, just like Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, either you love him or you hate him!

Product Features

  • Tremolo with 2 Controls: Right “Depth” – Left “Rate”.
  • Analogue tremolo with linear characteristics, designed to keep the input tone unchanged with the speed control (rate) and depth of the mixing with the input signal.
  • Vintage component research with: integrated circuit and transistors of the series belonging to the production of the ‘70s stock.
  • Manual circuit design made with attention on the treatment of the signal audio paths. Mechanical robustness, guaranteed by board-mounted components.
  • TRUE BYPASS switch and high quality components is one of the specific choices made for the standard of our pedals.
  • The high-brightness LEDs ensure the visibility of the ignition status even under conditions of direct reflection on the pedal.
  • Input/output Jack from 6.3 mm 1/4 “placed sideways to the pedal.
  • Input impedance 1 Mohm, output 300 ohm.
  • Current with LED on 19ma, standby 500 UA.

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